SCA2 Launcher

What is SCA2 Launcher?

– SCA which stands for StarCraft Archive, is a third-party utility that allows custom maps to save/load data online.

– This enables Starcraft UMS to become “online”, allowing you make maps such as Diablo in Starcraft.

-The data is saved in SCA2 servers, and a web admin interface is provided for map makers.

-The cost of using SCA2 is free, and there is a page if you want to support this project.

-SCA2 replaces SCDB Launcher, which shares the exact same functionality. However, SCDB was abandoned due to an infamous incident with Random Pyramid Defense. In short, people were manipulating the save file as the data were stored locally with SCDB. Although SCDB save files were encrypted, they eventually got cracked and the data manipulation was sold as a service at an avg. of $4-9 USD per file. 😂 The manipulation was sought after to earn the highest ranking title in Random Pyramid Defense without actually playing the game. It was indeed the most popular map in Korea Server at the time. To mitigate the save data manipulation, SCA2 was created – abandoning offline storage method completely.

How many maps support SCA2 Launcher?

-Currently, there is a map list that shows all maps that have SCA2 support.

-If you were to integrate SCA2 in your map, it gets automatically added to the list.

-To integrate SCA2 into your map, you have to use Eud Editor 3 and I’ve written a tutorial here specifically for that.

Where can I download SCA2?

PW for zip file: “scarchive”

My Anti-Virus is detecting it as a virus.

-I spoke with the developer directly, and it appears that sometimes anti-virus will pick it up as Trojan. Due to the networking nature of this program, you would have to disable anti-virus to use it. There are no Trojans in SCA2 as far as I am aware of.

Who created SCA2 and is it safe to use?

-The developer behind SCA2 Launcher is Lee Jung Hun (GitHub), and happens to be the same guy who created Eud Editor 1, 2, 3, and SCDB. He is a well known developer in the Korean Starcraft UMS scene, responsible for creating the latest map making tools we use today.

-Personally, I think it’s safe to use but then I wouldn’t use it on a business PC. If you are paranoid and want the absolute peace of mind, consider running SCA2 and StarCraft in virtual machine.

-How do I use SCA2?

-First download SCA2.

-Run StarCraft and get into US West. You will be prompted with the following:

This is asking you to create a password for SCA2.
DO NOT put your password in there.

Once you have set a password, you will be promoted to enter your e-mail address:

Enter your e-mail address, click the red button and it will send a verification code to your e-mail. Copy and paste the verification code, and you should be good to go.

Keep SCA2 running while you play StarCraft. It just works by itself.